Jumaat, 10 Julai 2009

Humor in Islam..

Six elements of “halal” Islamic humor are:

1)Islamic humor must always be based upon the truth, or to highlight the truth

2)Islamic humor must always pay proper respect to and never belittle the “din” of Islam and the revelation of all prophetic religions.

3)Humor may not dominate the Islamic personality, such that he or she becomes known as “a joker”

4) Islamic humor must use proper language and refer to polite topics.

5) Humor in Islam may not be used to belittle others

6)Islamic humor in Islam may not be developed and used as a healing force in the social body

According to one research conducted by experts who rate people’s IQ.Humor also can be related to IQ..IQ is genetically the same as skin colour-something Allah swt gives according to His pleasure,and not according to educational level or any other factor that we know about.As such,we may discover other people with approximately the same IQ as yourselves merely by noticing who really laughs at your best jokes,and who only pretends to laugh..

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